All You Need To Know About Bags before You Own Them


When it comes to investing in luxury handbags, it's obviously crucial to find a style you really and truly love, also important but most times overlooked, is educating yourself on the type of handbag which will hold their value and never go out of style.

The croc leather handbag, for example, is fun to wear with deliberately un-stuffy outfits. It has pretty patterns and it's a practical bag since it hides stains and scratches better than plain leather bags, we do recommend to add to your collection.


But that's not the only bag worth scooping up. To give you a sense of the bags worth your money, we would be sharing more styles from Vicenzo’s Leather collections.

The one bag every working lady should have:

As a very busy and fashionable woman who’s always on the go, you are most likely to fill your days moving from place to place without any chance to run home in between.

With this kind of lifestyle, purchasing a quality tote handbag sounds like an investment you should make immediately, with its practical shape and variety of sizes, this will hold everything from your laptop to your gym clothes.

Tote bags are very spacious and are generally used for carrying multiple items. Normally, college students, working women use these bags to carry things like books, cosmetics, etc. Most significantly working-class women can’t deny how necessary utilitarian leather tote bags are for work.

Do you want to add a practical, functional and fun appeal to your look?

The hobo bag is a style of handbag or purse that is typically large and characterized by a crescent shape and a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. The Vicenzo’s Hobo Leather handbags are made of genuine supple leather and finished with structure and form.

While a Hobo bag is easily something worth investing in, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get one that’s equal parts stylish and practical. To prove our point, we rounded up some of the coolest handbags, under $200.

You can save money on this everyday piece and timeless accessory.

Do you wish to make a statement anywhere you are, whether it's a business meeting, college hangout, or everyday activity?

Try a Vicenzo premium leather backpack.

Backpacks are really important because they help in accommodating all the necessary things. Whether its school, college or professional life, we heavily rely on backpacks to hold items such as laptops, books, water bottles, and little stationeries.

However, backpacks have really become a fashion statement as people don’t buy just to put things in it, they buy to impress others too. Significantly, travelers love backpacks as they prove to be useful companions that come in handy in various circumstances.

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