A Bag of Awesomeness - Genuine Leather Handbags For You


Topic: A Bag of Awesomeness - Genuine Leather Handbags For You

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Unveil Your Bag of Awesomeness:

When getting a bag, one thing to put to the heart is if it worth its cost. There are various ways to determine if you are getting a good deal or not. One way to find out is to check the leather.

The quality and type of leather play a major role. Most of the different types of leather have their positives and negatives (some have veins; some can't get wet, while others look like plastic). To further complicate the issue, some colors and some bags are only made with certain leathers.

For us, our creations at Vicenzo Leather are made of genuine leather and manufactured with expert craftsmanship.

Do Unfold our sophisticated designs, in your preferred colour, with a well-organized interior, and spacious enough to contain all your essentials.

It Takes Up To 4 Months You Know?

The process of creating the ideal handbag can be cumbersome. We start by drawing the bag, then we pick the leather and decide on a color. The process from idea conception, sample creation, and final bag takes about 4 months.

We get some wow bags from our creations and sometimes we miss the mark. But one bag that has been a timeless hit is the Chantel Leather Bucket Bag Backpack/Crossbody Bag.

This bag can be a backpack when you need a backpack, a shoulder bag when you need a shoulder bag and also a bucket bag. These features are what makes it stand out.

These bucket bags are the best fit for your summer holidays, can be used to carry your essential items when on a trip, your go-to bag for summer parties, great for work, gym or picnic with friends. Add a little Charm to your entire outfit and never go out of style.

A bag that never goes out of style is every woman's dream accessory.  An all-time classic, stylish, elegant and practical bag can make your day, week, month and year run smoothly.

There is extra confidence that comes with looking great and limitless (be it a beach, at work, shopping with friends or a date). Vicenzo Leather's Emel handbag can add that little plus to your moment.

We don't just create bags for style and durability, but we take precious time to create bags you can wear all year and never go out of style.

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