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"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."
—Edith Head

For good reasons, people sometimes say dress the way you want to be addressed because how we look plays a significant impact on the impression created. When dressing for an event, pay attention to every detail from your clothes, handbags, jewelry to shoes.

My aim is to create accessories that support the image you want to project.

So, as you walk into that interview, event or meeting, walk-in more confident knowing you are dressed for success.

Let’s support you on your journey to projecting a more elegant and classier image. I challenge you to get items that speak well of your personality; try it and see results today.


What is your style? When people see you what do they see? We are constantly communicating our personality to people by how we look. Your style speaks louder than words.

If you have a fun event or going on vacation, not only will you dress casually but the bag you pair with will probably be a crossbody bag like ours. This look says "I'm here to relax and have some fun plus I don’t want to worry too much about my essentials, so I have it in a crossbody and have my hands free."

Traveling? Then for sure, you need your hands free and a safe place to have passports and credit cards. We created our waist bags for that reason. 

A day in the office will likely have you looking business formal paired with a tote or a satchel. This look says, " take me seriously I'm in it to succeed ".

A wedding or cocktail event will need you going all out looking dressy and you will need to complement with a cute clutch or some other small bag like our Tauren Croc Embossed Leather Handbag. This look says elegant and stylish chic.

There is no better time to look all gorgeous, snatch the compliments, turn heads, grace that occasion and raise your head high...than Now!

A Little Charm will do

There is no looking down on you when a Vicenzo Leather accessory is added to the picture.

It keeps you stylish and classy at all times. With a well-thought structure, creativity and time added to the delivery of this timeless product, we unapologetically believe you can rock every occasion!

These bucket bags are the best fit for your summer holidays, can be used to carry your essential items when on a trip/tour, your go-to bag for summer parties, used to carry your essentials while leaving for work, and your special gym and picnic bag.

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