What Have You Done For HIM Lately? It’s Valentine!


As a wife, I often struggle with finding the perfect gift for my husband for Valentine - that perfect gift to express love and appreciation to someone we care deeply about. I observed that I’m not alone in this struggle. My friends also have this same struggle and you probably do as well.

I believe the perfect gift must satisfy two criteria – Functionality and Meaning. The gift must be functional in that it has a high level of utility (i.e. it would be used often) and Meaning (i.e it is personal and unique to them).

If you are looking for that perfect gift and needing a little help, we have something that might work for you – our Personalized Pelotas Bi-Fold Leather Wallet. It is rugged and durable enough to survive the strain of daily use and you can personalize it with his initials, so that every time he takes it out, he remembers that someone special gifted him the wallet.

Another great option will be our Gianna Backpack. This backpack is highly functional and designed for the long haul. The pockets and compartments will fit his laptop, documents, books plus more. This backpack is definitely rugged to the core. He will love it.

Regardless of what you purchase, you can never go wrong with a gift that comes from the heart.

Happy Valentine!

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