Love Is Sneaking Up On Us


Didn’t we just say Happy New Year a minute ago? Time indeed waits for no one.

Something is sneaking up on us... Do you all start to strongly smell love in the air?

In about two weeks it will be Valentine’s day and we can't stop but keep thinking about the vibes it brings. We do Love to Love - though love can't just be expressed in words... 
😊 ❤️ or can you? As much as I am an advocate for celebrating love every day, I still love receiving special gifts as a matter of fact, who doesn’t?😉

Also, beyond receiving gifts women also deserve to self-love. So, permit yourself to splurge on “you” this season. Get that facial you’ve been pushing off, get your nails done, dress up and look good. According to Franchesca Ramsey, "Self-care is really about taking care of you and focusing on feeling good about yourself - mind and body."

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